Barbara Freedman - Further Perspective

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Why Isn’t Music Education in the US more 21st Century PC?

In this further perspective, the author addresses three themes in the core perspectives. First, she argues that pre-service teachers should be trained in technology and technology pedagogy as one would train pre-service teachers on brass, woodwinds, percussion, or piano. Second, she suggests that in-service teachers are the expert in their classrooms regardless of their pre-existing competence with any individual sub-domain – brass, percussion, or, in this case, technology. Just as experienced band teachers have no problem asking their advanced trumpet player students to help the beginning trumpet player students, teachers can similarly capitalize on students with technological competence. Third, the author argues that the American music education system, K- University, is implicitly skewed toward middle to upper economic class culture and, by nature, disinherits those that seek to engage in other musical cultures. Technology, she suggests, is an excellent way to better meet the needs of all students.