Benon Kigozi - Makerere University Kampala, Uganda

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Critical Perspectives from Africa

In Africa technology amounts to audiovisual aids such as books, systems of musical transmission, aural-oral, mental and mnemonic aids, indigenous African stories, language and literature; and aspects of science, the arts and culture. In the West it is different. And, in many parts of United States and Europe, technology is guaranteed of being available. In Africa it is not. And, many African countries have different perspectives regarding technology applied in music education. Zimbabwe is working on consolidating indigenous music in systems of education but, until four years ago there was no music in primary school. Malawi legitimized music in the National Curriculum to be taught through standard 1 to 8, however, there is no mention of technology being integrated with music in education. The Primary Arts Core program of the Namibia’s Ministry of Basic Education and Culture is silent about technological in music education. This section illuminates other perspectives.