David A. Williams - Further Perspective

(David A. Williams) #1

Chapter 7: Then and Now

David A. Williams, University of South Florida

Fear of change is deeply embedded in the music education profession. It is a fear of the unknown—a fear of losing control over that with which music teachers are comfortable and confident. As a whole the music education profession resists the use of new music technologies. We are a profession that resists change, and this resistance has hurt us. This resistance is fast making us irrelevant in a musical world that is ever changing. Students currently in K–12, as well as in higher education, have grown up with new music technologies and related musical styles that are quite different from what they encounter in schools. The vast majority of these students see no place for themselves in school music programs. We are missing out on exciting opportunities that would be made possible by embracing new music technologies, especially when used in conjunction with corresponding pedagogies.