Don Devito - Further Perspective

(Donald DeVito) #1

Technology and Collaboration for People with Significant Disabilities

Further Perspectives discussed in this section center on the existence of technology to greatly transform how people with disabilities experience and express themselves through music. The variety of methods for developing the untapped potential of music participants with complex needs in the modern music classroom are discussed. Widely available technology such as: Skype, Google Hangout, and simple online communication technology create real and enduring international connections and interactions in music education for all learners. The definition of music and musicianship are discussed through 21st Century issues and trends in the inclusive classroom. How we define who is a musician and who is considered to have the prerequisite music skills and expertise to be referred to as a performer will increasingly change or in fact become irrelevant with the advent of personal music technology. The result will be music opportunities for all special needs populations around the world.