Gena Greher - UMass Lowell, USA

(Gena Greher) #1

Technology and Invisibility in Music Teacher Education

The purpose of technology in the music teacher education curriculum is examined in this chapter. While it is easy to view technology as an efficient content delivery system, that perspective does little to support pedagogical transformation or 21st Century Skill acquisition. State teacher certification requirements mired in 20th Century practices have done little to encourage a re-thinking of the music teacher education curriculum to include a more expansive and constructionist view of the role technology can play in music education.

Those creating the curricular guidelines for higher education in music are perhaps conflating the pervasive existence of the technological tools available to our students with the existence of a sound pedagogy for working with these tools. By providing a pedagogical approach based on creating with technology, we can begin to bridge the disconnect between music education practice, and the multiple ways that our students understand music on their own outside of school.