Heidi Partti - Further Perspective

(Heidi Partti) #1

Chapter 10: Building a Broad View of Technology in Music Teacher Education

Heidi Partti, Sibelius Academy

In addition to innovative policy schemes, program visions, and curricular changes, the transformation of the school classroom necessitates also the development of teacher education. Inspired by the Core Perspective chapters in this section of the handbook, this chapter discusses issues related to the use of technology in supporting the cultivation of creative and collaborative skills in music teaching, particularly from the viewpoint of music teacher education. The chapter argues that there is a gap between the potential that technology could provide for music teaching and learning processes and the cultivation of this potential in schools. To bridge this gap, a holistic approach to technology and its use in music education is required. According to this approach, technology is viewed as a powerful way to facilitate more possibilities to participate in different musical practices and to use musical imagination.