James Humberstone - Further Perspective

(Alex Ruthmann) #1

A Pluralist Approach to Music Education

This chapter engages with the core perspectives and provocations by proposing that it is possible to revolutionise music education by engaging with the kind of music made with technology that Hein advocated for in his chapter; but at the same time, not to abandon what we know about tried and tested music pedagogies. It proposes the way to do this is to take a truly pluralist approach to music, one that embraces all genres, especially popular music genres, by taking the time to learn about them and legitimise them in the music classroom. Recent research on the creative processes of traditional composers and DJs reveals technology directly affects both, and this understanding, alongside Freedman’s approach that allows students to lead with technology, breaks down the borders preventing such a pluralist approach from being taken. It is concluded that such barriers have already been broken in the professional, metamodern musical world.