Joe Berkovitz - Further Perspective

(Alex Ruthmann) #1

A Software Creators Perspective

Other contributors to this volume bring with them experience as educators, and as what one might term “meta-educators”: thinkers about the nature of teaching and learning and technology. The provocation questions deserve responses that spring from broad knowledge and thoughtful interpretation of the many things that have already been said and done in this field. For better or worse, my perspective cannot be erudite in this way: I am a software creator and a musician, but not an educator. My experience of education is from the student’s vantage point (in the past), and from an observer’s and vendor’s vantage point (in the present). Even with these deficits, though, I believe this kind of viewpoint can be useful to the reader. This work is about technologies and their impact, and the mindset of technology creators is, hopefully, not without some relevance.