Joe Pignato - SUNY Oneonta, USA

(Joe Pignato) #1

Situating Technology Within and Without Music Education

This chapter addresses two overarching questions, “Where is technology within music education?” and “Who is affected and how?” In considering those questions, I attempt to situate technology within and without music education, that is to say, internal to and external to the paradigmatic constraints of institutionalized learning. In the process, I argue for the development of authentically poietic spaces, or communities of response, within music education contexts. Further, I recommend situating technology within those spaces in such ways as to empower otherwise vulnerable young musicians to explore their own interests, idiosyncratic ways of learning, and the deterritorialized, subjective-social worlds they inhabit. The first section of the chapter addresses the particularized nature of technology within music education contexts. The second section includes examples of technology without music education. The final section lists conclusions that attempt to situate technology in and across those two broad domains.